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Tech & Brand Accelerator

Demonstrate your technology to key retailers, potential investors and clients, and receive Unified manufacturing support from protoype to final product.

Acceleration & consulting services

Marketing & design support

Business operations support

Business & investment plans

Your Sales Force in the US

For companies outside of NYC or the US, the BEL team can act as your local business development staff. We can represent you in all client presentations that are necessary, acting as your staff on the ground in NYC & the US. This allows you to be able to react quickly to client requests, without incurring last minute travel expenses.

A Part of Unified Resources in Display

BEL is part of Unified Resources in Display, a 30+ year old, creative retail resources company that services some of the most iconic retailer and CPG brands in the world.
We leverage technology, creativity, human understanding and data-driven insights to create connected experiences that drive sales and build brand commitment.

Brand Experience Lab

Explore the Possible
Deliver the Practical
Lead the Future