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Partnerships with leading universities and industry thought leaders —

BEL is developing strategic partnerships with the country’s leading universities. We have exciting opportunities to collaborate with leading solution providers and universities to test innovative technologies and work in partnership to develop new disruptive solutions.

Real World Problems

Working with world-class technology partners from across the globe and expert brand support teams, students will use research, create concepts and deliver presentations with models and prototypes to Fortune 100 companies.

Real World Expertise

First hand experience with professionals in the retail industry, and emerging technology companies.
Students participate in pitch feedback sessions, seminars, tours and be introduced to leading edge concepts.

Real World Connections

Introductions to major influencers at top brands/retailers.
Work with technology companies from around the globe to be exposed to how brands are using AR, AI, gestural technologies, location data, smart/interactive displays and voice, as well as, the latest rapid prototyping tools.
University Benefits

Students will be part of implementing innovation, educational experiences in the pursuit of knowledge, in solving real-world problems for potential commercialization
We'll work with you to build strategic partnerships with leading retailers and technology companies.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Access to Unified manufacturing space
Rapid prototyping
Student focus groups
Conference room facilities
Collaboration space

University use of the shared space to host up to 4 events per year
Demonstration area to present products and technology
Kitchen for student teams and guests

Participation in all events hosted on the premises including (based on availability and suitability) industry specific events, meet-ups with other entrepreneurs, workshops about general business topics; demonstration events.

Sponsored Projects
Current Retail Challenge based projects

Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd placesPotential funding for university or department

Process • Small teams • Kick-off meeting at BEL or on campus • Research phase • Initial concepts • Refined concepts • Scale/bench models • Final presentation including final model, supporting info and boards

Engagement: 2 Paths for Success

Applied research

Leverage university talent with brands to solve existing retail/brand challenges
Technology Transfer

Work with universities to identify technologies that can be brought to Fortune 100 brands for potential commercialization

Research opportunities may be available with the following universities and organizations: